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Tri-gold Venture Int’l Corporation
humble beginning.

Established in 1997 and engaged in foreign trade especially in indenting various products through its extensive global network of suppliers, enthusiastically taking advantage of the Excellence in trade relations, which the company has nurtured and built upon.

The Company has been founded on a commitment to quality, value and on time service. Through the experience and dedication of the company’s staff and their communication links with personal contacts in all parts of the world, the company accesses the very latest market information.

We aim to be recognizing center of excellence and expertise for the business community and the public sector in our fields of endeavor. In carrying out our mission, we shall sustain & elevate our presence and performance and the fields of business and management mindful of different institution that we serve.

We pledged to maintain our reputation of honesty and integrity; to remain competitive and open to new products and corporate processes. The company has the objective to maintain successful relationship with our buyers and suppliers in order to achieve solid long-term partnerships to recognize and provide our staff with job satisfaction and a sense of pride in their roles with in our company.

We provide various products

from Tri-gold Venture Int’l. Corp.

Tri-gold Venture Int'l Corporation


Pork is eaten both freshly cooked and preserved. Curing extends the shelf life of the pork products. Ham, smoked pork, gammon, bacon and sausage are examples of preserved pork.

Trigold Venture Int'l Corporation


In reality, beef by-products aren’t mysterious at all. They are what’s left over after a cow has been processed to get standard cuts of meat such as sirloin and ribs.

Tri-gold Venture Int'l Corporation


Each variety brings its own unique needs and benefits, and you might find room for all of them or discover that only one type will really fit your lifestyle.

Tri-gold Venture Int'l Corporation

Dairy Products

Dairy products include food items such as yogurt, cheese, and butter. A facility that produces dairy products is known as a dairy, or dairy factory.

Tri-gold Venture Int'l Corporation

Feed Grains

Feed grains include wheat, oats, barley, and rice, among many others. Traditional sources of animal feed include household food scraps and the byproducts of food processing industries such as milling and brewing.

Tri-gold Venture Int'l Corporation


TRI-GOLD VENTURE INT’L CORPORATION also provide Proteins, Minerals, and Amino Acid, Chemicals for Preservatives and Other Analogues Products.

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